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The burner specialist

Through our combination of practical experience with specialist knowledge and the knowledge we acquire in the development of our “own” TAS-burner (low Nox), we can provide a better service that even better suited to the specific wishes of the customer.

Cost savings and emissions reduction

In almost all cases we can give you advice and provide the most efficient and energy-efficient burner installation in which not only looks at the combination of cost, maintenance costs and operational costs, but also where the emissions of NOx, CO2 and CO is minimized.

Brander Standard Fasel

Boilers and boiler houses

In addition to our knowledge of furnaces, Standard Fasel also much knowledge of boiler installations and complete boiler houses. Standard Fasel can also design, install, manage, and maintain your entire system of gas, steam and condensate pipes.

Service for all brands and type burners

Despite that we have our own TAS burner, we also make use of all other make & type burners. SF works brand-independent and can therefore give a technical objective advice. By the extensive experience with all kinds of burners on various installations we can serve you at all times.

Brandertechniek Standard Fasel

Proven expertise

Over the years, Standard Fasel more than 1000 combinations with different burner types & brands installed and put into service. Most of this burner installations are still with us in maintenance.

Various fuels

Standard Fasel has not only experience with multiple types of burners but also with various fuels. Of course we work regularly with gas burners but also biogas burners, oil burners and hydrogen burners or combinations thereof through a combined burner.


We perform for example First Special inspections (EBI), preventive maintenance (PO) and the compulsory periodic inspections (PI) to burner installations. Standard Fasel has a 24-hour service and maintenance service, our people are certified on the entire range and Scios may inter alia Scope 7a and 7b run inspections.


Our people are Scios certified and are able to perform Scope 7a and 7b inspections. View ourĀ comprehensive certification

In all cases we can be your suitable partner for burner and boiler installations.