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Standard Fasel is the expert you need for delivery of cilindrical boilers and accessoires and putting cilindrical boilers into operation. We can do so for complete, newly built boilerhouses including interior as well as replacing just the boiler or other parts.

Standard Fasel delivers the following types of boilers:

  • Steam boilers
  • Warm water boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Waste heat boilers

tandard Fasel services and maintains all types and brands of boilers, such as existing boilers of Backer & Rueb, Ten Horn, Schelde Boilers, Stork Boilers, Bronswerk Boilers en Standard Fasel.


Standard Fasel has delivered and put more than 1000 installations into operation, experience and know-how we still apply today in designing, delivering, assembling and commissioning the optimal boiler installation. All work will be executed following the requirements, but we will also assist in decisionmaking to come to the best value for money.


Optimaliseren ketelhuis

New boiler houses can be designed with optimal interior, existing boiler houses can be optimized. You can count on expert advice regarding the need or advantages of applying for example:

  • Degassers
  • Automatic blowdown controls
  • Dosing units
  • Feed water controls
  • Economizers
  • Flue gas condensers
  • Connecting piping and fitting
  • RO-units (Reverse Osmosis units)
  • Water softeners
  • Rental boilers
  • Installation of electronics
Cylindrical Boiler

All knowledge under the same roof

All aspects of the work such as engineering, planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning are done by professionials of Standard Fasel. All knowledge is available under the same roof. The projects are managed by the projectmanager who is also your single point of contact, so you can do business in a clear and smooth way. We manage the project from the start until the end, but can also execute part of a project for you.

Within the concept of cilindrical boilers we offer the following products:

  • Steam boilers: starting from 250 kg / h up to 60 tonne / h steam production
  • Hot water boilers: up to 40 MW
  • Waste heat boilers behind turbines: on request
  • Process boilers: on request


The boilers can be equipped with various burners, including the TAS burner (which is property of Standard Fasel). Natural gas, oil or a combination of these fuels can be applied. Coincineration of biogas, hydrogen or petrol vapors is not a trouble for us. Other types of fuel are possible after consultation.

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